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River Llyfni

3rd March – 17 October

One of the premier sea trout rivers of Wales, the fishing from the village road bridge down to the sea only available after 31st. May (due to national byelaws) is amongst the most prolific in the country, try it early morning before breakfast, small weighted nymphs are good or any conventional sewin flies. Night fishing from during July is very popular, but so will be sitting on the balcony after dinner – however you can still sit on the balcony after fishing!

The Llyfni is a true spring river with large fish entering the system from late March, their first stop is usually the Glanrafon Bach area, which is upriver from the mill over the narrow bridge – Pont y Cim and immediately left to the first farm entrance on your left.

There is good sewin and salmon fishing on the whole river from early June onwards.

River Llyfni Fishing Passport

River Seiont

Whole river Season 3rd. March – 31 October.

Largest of our three rivers, an excellent autumn salmon river, large numbers of fish enter the river until late December. 

Fishing can be enjoyed throughout the river, spinning and worm fishing is popular during high flows, however spinning is prohibited when levels fall onto the red mark on gauges located below all bridges.

The Seiont s a very good fly river and salmon like small flies size 8 and 10 doubles; Ally's Shrimp, Cascade, Stoat or Silver stoat are popular and successful flies.

Sea trout are widespread and provide sport from late May with large individual fish. Smaller more numerous fish enter the system from mid to late July.

Our club hatchery and main car park is situated at Crawia, Llanrug, there is someone here most of the time during the season, if the hatchery gate is open, please do visit you will find a welcome and a few tales as well a cup of tea.

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River Gwyrfai

A beautiful wild river, denoted as a Special Area of Conservation under the European Habitats Directive, this river is left in it’s natural state, so fly fishing and spinning can be a real challenge. Worm fishing is popular and good catches can be enjoyed with the right water conditions.

It’s worth the effort to get hold of a copy of a ‘Snowdon Stream’ by W.H. Canaway. To read of the potential of this river. Unfortunately this book is long out of print and copies are few difficult to get hold of. – Expect to pay about £50 - £60.

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