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Nantlle Lake

Season 20th March – 17th October

Situated at the top of the Llyfni River Llyfni, you can drive down to the lake on our private track, here our boats including a wheely boat for the disabled are moored, oars are located in the chest thereby.

The parking is extensive and safe – lock the gate by the road, or casual visitors will drive down and use the parking and jetty as a picnic site, and of course spoil the exclusivity of it all.

You can fish for salmon and sewin here, but most go for the wild brown trout, for which this is an excellent fishery details of flies are given at the end of this report. There will be a selection for those on fishing packages.

Trout and salmon Magazine article is here for your perusal.

Nantlle Lake Fishing Passport (soon)

 Llyn Padarn, Llanberis

Season 20th March – 17th October

An excellent wild lake, very prolific for wild browns from the start of the season, ledgering is the preferred method – maggot as bait, however as we turn to April fly fishing can be very productive, for better enjoyment boat fishing is the method to be deployed.

Padarn is the home to the Arctic Charr – a very beautiful and rare fish, trolling with mepp spinner or maggot jigging from a moored boat is the way to catch these fish. See Padarn map for best drifts, trolling lanes and anchoring points for maggot fishing.

Best time for charr fishing is Trolling from late June onwards and maggot from mid July, the top end of the lake can be very productive from September onwards. Early mornings to say 12mid. And early evenings say 5pm to 8.30pm is the favored periods. Settled weather I have found to be best.

Llyn Padarn Fishing Passport

Llyn Cwellyn, Rhyd Ddu

This is a lake of haunting legends and swirling mists, this is the area where the giant Cidwm wrought havoc amongst the Roman Legions, and where much later the Black Prince roamed with his hunting parties in search of game.

This is the of land fairy circles, be careful not to be enticed to join their merry making, or you probably won’t return home for seven years – or so they say!! Surely Cwellyn must be ranked amongst the best and most prolific wild brown trout fishery in Wales. if not the whole of the UK. Fly-fishing dominates here and good catches can be enjoyed most days.

Try wet misty wild weather, this is when the large ferox trout move close to the shore and wild fish of 5 – 6 lbs are not uncommon.
Boat fishing is very popular, and small dark flies are the order of the day.
During August, late evening tremendous fishing can be enjoyed during the large hatches of sedges. Try the Invcita.
Arctic Charr are also present, although smaller than their Padarn brethren, and harder to catch, but well worth pursuing – best time for charr fishing is as on Padarn.

Llyn Cwellyn Fishing Passport

Llyn Dywarchen, Rhyd Ddu

Giraldus wrote of this lake in AD 1188. This is the societies stocked water, providing quality fishing for rainbow trout reared at out own hatchery on the River Seiont at Llanrug.

Fish here range from 1.8lbs to 5lbs.

Fishing is by fly only, and boat fishing is a delight.

This lake like Cwellyn is steeped in welsh folklore, fairies and the little people dominate, if you don’t believe in such things, then do drive up on a wet foggy night and look over towards the island in the middle of the lake – then perhaps – just perhaps mind you, you might go home with a different perspective.

Do try to get hold of ‘The Lakes of Wales’ by Frank Ward printed in 1918 and not easy to get hold of a copy.

Llyn Dywarchen Fishing passport

Lakes Cwm Dwythwch, Llanberis and Cwm Silyn, Nebo

Both lakes are truly wild and located in isolated areas, prolific wild brown trout fishing, you need only a fly rod – involves some walking, if you have use of 4x4 then Dwythwch is about a mile on foot. Do not try it with an ordinary car.

Cwm Silyn by car then about a mile again on foot – it’s easy walking and very scenic.

If you have any problems or wish to discuss things further do not hesitate to contact us.

Cwm Dwythwch Fishing Passport